Flowers That Can Improve Your Mental Health ...

By Carly

Flowers That Can Improve Your Mental  Health ...

The concept of getting out in nature to improve your frame of mind and overall mental state is one that has been popular and effective for years, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful state park or forest on our doorsteps, so sometimes it can be tricky execute! However, what about taking things from a much smaller but equally beneficial angle and bringing that nature inside your home instead? Here are some suggestions for flowers that can improve your mental health.

1 Chrysanthemums

flower, flowering plant, plant, flower arranging, flower bouquet, These flowers have been proven to have a really uplifting effect on a room, brightening it, and therefore affecting your mood in a positive way. The lightening effect of the flowers on a room that you are in can ease things like anxiety and agitation, and give you more positive outlook in the moment.

2 Snake Plants

plant, flowerpot, leaf, houseplant, evergreen, You will often find snake plants living in offices and other work environments because apparently, they have the power to boost your productivity and work energy. They exude a certain smell that can relieve anxiety and help you to focus on the task in hand, so they can be very helpful for your mental state when you have deadlines to meet!

3 Lisianthus

blue, flower, plant, purple, violet, Fresh flowers have been proven to be able to ignite a create spark for people, giving them inspiration, and new ideas thanks to their beauty and their scent. This impact can be even more significant if you take the time to make an interesting and pretty arrangement out of the lisianthus. If you are in need of some free-flowing thinking, pick this flower for sure!

4 Jasmine

flower, plant, flowerpot, floristry, flower arranging, If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, then you might want to add some jasmine to your room. It is known for being able to reduce stress and anxiety levels, therefore inducing peacefulness and helping you to drift off in to a beneficial night’s sleep. It’s the best flower to have in your bedroom if you are only going to choose one!

5 Bouquet

flower, flower arranging, pink, flower bouquet, floristry, It doesn’t matter what kind of flowers there are in a bouquet, what matters is that the sheer sight of seeing it and the feeling of being gifted one can make you feel so much better! Roses and tulips are always a winner, so get dropping hints to your nearest and dearest!

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