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7 Common Flowers and Their Meanings ...

By Vladlena

One of the things that has recently intrigued me the most is flowers and their meanings. We are so used to the idea that any flowers are perfect for any occasion that we fail to realize that some are more appropriate than others. Although any bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful gesture, it has much more of a profound effect once you have a reason behind gifting a specific kind. So lets take a look at several flowers and their meanings.

1 Daisy

Daisy If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, you have probably realized that many writers use daisies as symbols for something pure and innocent. The reason is daisies signify cheerfulness and innocence. In addition, they can also symbolize new beginnings, which is why many people tend to purchase them for weddings. So if you are interested in flowers and their meanings, now you know that daisies represent complete innocence and purity.

2 Rose

Rose Different colored roses have different meanings. However red roses specifically are traditional symbols of love and desire. We use them as a way to say ‘I love you’ to someone special because they symbolize beauty and perfection. Red roses have been used as a symbol for love in numerous works of art, such as paintings, media and music.

3 Violet

Violet Violets represent loyalty, modesty and faithfulness. Its symbolic roots reach all the way into myth, legend and religion. So next time you want to convey a specific message to a friend, keep this symbolic meaning of violets in mind! There are always appropriate choices of flowers for your needs.

4 Sunflower

Sunflower Sunflower represents loyalty and constancy. Wild sunflowers are usually photographed with their tall stalks and petals stretched toward the sun. Due to this behavior, this has been viewed as a symbol of loyalty. In addition, due to its uncanny resemblance to the sun, sunflowers have been linked to warmth and happiness!

5 Tulip

Tulip Just like roses, different colors of tulips represent different things. Red tulips are associated with true love, purple represent loyalty, yellow symbolize hopeless love and white tulips represent forgiveness. With its broad range of symbols and colors, it is no surprise that tulips are so ubiquitous!

6 Orchid

Orchid The exotic and delicate orchids represent love, luxury and strength. They are also often associated with virility due to ancient Greek beliefs. In ancient Greece, women believed that if the father of their child ate large orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy and it he ate small orchid tubers, the baby would be a girl!

7 Daffodil

Daffodil Daffodils also known as Narcissus, symbolize faith, beauty and honesty. This flower actually comes with a very interesting tale from Ancient Greece. This story follows a man by the name of Narcissus. Narcissus loved to look at himself and one day when he was looking at his reflection in the water, he fell in and drowned. From his grave a flower grew and it was a Narcissus. This flower represents beauty so you can always give it to someone you admire or you can always use it as a token for forgiveness.

Come to think of it, flowers have really insightful and keen associations in different cultures and religions. They are universal symbols that have their own language. And since we are on the topic of flowers, what flowers do you love to receive the most?

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