7 Indoor Plants Ideal for Your Desk or Office ...

By Neecey

7 Indoor Plants Ideal for Your Desk or Office ...

Whether you’re following the principles of feng shui or just want to brighten your workplace, there are some ideal plants for the office. You don’t want to just pick up any old plant that catches your eye because you want maintenance to be minimal, yet your lovely plant to stay healthy and green. Here are some excellent plants for the office.

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Make Peace

Make Peace The Peace Lily is one of the easiest plants for the office to keep alive and look after. All that’s needed is water once per week and good light. The Peace Lily doesn’t have big showy blooms like other lilies, but the white modified leaves/seed heads that look like flowers are attractive and long lasting.


Color Code

Color Code I like the Oxalis because of its vibrant leaves. Plants for your desk are a great way to add interest to a drab, dark and boring work space. The leaves come in many colors, including deep plum, and they are also covered in tiny pink or white petals. Like me, the leaves curl up at night to sleep.


Quick Sticks

Quick Sticks If, like me, you weren’t born with green fingers and have to learn how to care for plants for your desk then bamboo may be right for you. Bamboo is extremely easy to grow in water and lasts a hugely long time. It’s a great choice if you are applying feng shui to your desk/office. At some point, many years down the road, it will need moving from water to soil, but do so with care – it’s very invasive and can take over your garden, which is best avoided.


English Accent

English Accent A very pretty but tough plant is English Ivy. You can train the hardy, leafy tendrils to climb up a lattice or drape loosely along a partition from a pretty pot on your desk. Don’t plant it outside your office window because it will choke all other plants.


Give a Fig

Give a Fig If you want a ‘plant of habit’ then a mini Fig Tree is one of the great plants for the office. Office plants tend to stay in one place and that suits the Fig. Movement makes the leaves fall and they don’t enjoy different light settings but if you water them well, they’ll recuperate and filter your air.

Famous Quotes

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Pretty Practical

Pretty Practical A sunny office is calling out for foliage – enter Aloe Vera. This plant’s pretty, sculptured look flatters a workspace, making it good to look at. On the practical side, you can use gel harvested from the leaves to soothe burns and/or moisturize your skin (all while you’re working).


Universal Office Plant

Universal Office Plant If you’ve ever admired other people’s plants for the office then it’s highly likely they were Philodendrons. These are the most common of office plants and for good reasons. They can be trained up a lattice or the length of a shelf and they thrive where there’s not much light. Just because they’re tough and need very little attention doesn’t mean they’re the plain Janes of the plant world. Philodendrons are vivid green and polished and very attractive.

Plants for the office are a cheap and easy way of brightening up your workplace, but it’s important to get ones that are right for the environment. There’s nothing attractive about limp leaves that are going brown. Do you like to have plants at work?

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Plants are also beneficial for improving indoor air quality (which is often 2-5 times worse than the outdoor air quality). A good rule of thumb is 2 plants full sized (12 inch pot) plants per 100 square feet.