5 Plants to Have Indoors ...

By Aprille

5 Plants to Have Indoors ...

I truly enjoy having a garden outside, but I also like seeing plants inside my house as well. It helps me bring a little of the outdoors to me. I don’t like plants that require a lot of work and that make a mess all over the house. If you are looking for some house plants, then here are 5 plants to have indoors you might be interested in.

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5 Spider Plant

These are perfect for hanging baskets and they multiply like crazy. I make sure to hang mine in a location where it gets plenty of indirect light and where the cats can’t dangle from the edge of the planter. The window above the toilet was perfect, but then my husband said he always felt like he was in the woods when he used the bathroom, so the plant had to be moved to the kitchen window.

4 Jade Tree

Fast growing and hardy, the Jade Tree is able to be placed in a well lit window and basically left to do its thing. If a piece of this plant gets knocked off, it can be stuffed down in the dirt to start a brand new plant. They are so easy to take care of and hard to kill. My kind of plant!

3 Barrel Cactus

Cacti in general make great house plants. They don’t require much water and they don’t usually up and die when you least expect it. If you’re lucky, you might actually get one to bloom after a year or two as well.

2 Lucky Bamboo

I have one of these plants in my kitchen window and all I have to do is make sure it has water in the container every now and then. I have yet to see it drop a leaf on the ground or make any other type of mess. It just seems perfectly content to continue sprouting new leaves each week.

1 Golden Pothos Vine

My family always referred to these plants as philodendrons, but I only recently found out that that wasn’t their real name. I have one that is perched atop the kitchen cabinets and continues sending vines all around the top of the cabinets. As long as I’m able to keep the vines from falling down to the ground, I don’t have any leaves to pick up. This is such an easy plant to grow.

If you don’t already have some fabulous house plants, I highly recommend getting one of these five. I have too much going on in my life to worry about high-maintenance houseplants. Do you have indoor plants that you would recommend to others?

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