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5 Tips on Growing Lilies ...

By Aprille

Lilies are very low maintenance and they provide beautiful blooms all summer long. A few varieties continue to bloom well into autumn. I’ve never had any difficulty with getting lilies to grow, no matter where I placed them in the yard. Here are 5 tips on growing lilies for you to use if you decide to plant some of these amazing flowers.

5 Plant in the Autumn for Spring Blooms

If you have lily bulbs that you’ve purchased during the fall, it’s best to plant them right away. The bulbs are better off wintering underground than sitting in dark pantry in the house. They will begin to grow as soon as the weather is to their liking and you’ll have blooms before you know it.

4 Give Newly Planted Bulbs Enough Space

Large bulbs should be set at least 10 inches away from one another, in order to give the lilies room to spread and bloom properly. Over crowding them right from the beginning will mean you’ll have to thin the plants out sooner than you’d like.


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3 Don’t Bury Too Deep

Lilies should only be planted 4 to 5 inches below the soil’s surface. If you are planting very small lily bulbs, then you might want to only go as deep as 3 inches. Planting lilies any deeper than twice the length of the bulb might be considered too deep.

2 Water Well as Soon as the Bulbs Are Set in the Ground

The water will help the soil settle around the newly planted bulbs, so water them well. It’s important to make sure lilies get plenty of water, but without leaving them in standing water. Bulbs will rot if left in water for too long. Mulching around lilies will help to retain some of the moisture and keep weeds down.

1 Fertilize in Spring and Early Summer

A liquid fertilizer can be added to the water and this will help lilies get the phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen they need.

Do you find these tips to be useful or do you have some additional ones that new gardeners might be able to benefit from?

Top Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad

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