5 Tips on Making Money with Your Garden ...


Who says you have to only put money into your garden and not be able to profit from it as well? You don’t have to be a big-time farmer to accrue a little bit of cash flow. Take these 5 tips on making money with your garden and see if they help you bring in some dough. You might be surprised at how well they work for you!

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Grow Veggies and Sell Them at the Local Farmers Market

Even the smallest town can start up a miniature Farmers Market if they want to. If your town doesn’t have one, why not be the first to start it? Take a load of fresh vegetables and put up a stand outside the local gas station. Hang out on the corner next to the bank. There are plenty of locations where you could set up a little stand of your own.


Make Jams and Jellies to Sell at the Christmas Bazaar

In fact, you could sell them at any craft bazaar, no matter what time of year it is. If you grow anything else that can be canned, then take it along as well. Homemade pickles tend to go over very well because they take so long to make that people don’t want to mess with them. Most people are more than willing to buy items that have been home-canned because they know they are fresher than the stuff in the store.


Sell Flowers

Whether you are selling fresh cut flowers for bouquets to the local florist or clumps of plants on eBay, there is definitely money to be made. Join a gardening club where you can post a list of plants you have for sale. Word of mouth is a fantastic way to advertise your list of plants as well.


Inquire at Local Restaurants to See if They Are Willing to Buy Fresh Herbs from You

Chefs know the value behind fresh herbs when cooking. If a restaurant spends a lot of money on fresh herbs that have to be shipped in from out-of-state, they might be more willing to rely on a local source of herbs for their meals. It’s worth a try!


Charge People to Pick from Your Garden

This works best if you have a large garden with too many veggies that you can deal with. Allow people to pay per pound or per basket of vegetables gathered. Not everyone has time to grow their own veggies, so many appreciate the time it takes to do this. Plus, it’s fun to gather your own fresh veggies from the garden, even if you have to pay to do this in someone else’s garden.

These tips should give you some ideas on how to increase your cash flow, even if it’s only by a small amount. How do other gardeners you know make money from their gardens?

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