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5 Tips on Starting a Vegetable Garden ...

By Aprille

Starting a vegetable garden can be a lot of fun for the whole family. If you plan on starting one yourself, then you should read my blog. I have 5 tips on starting a vegetable garden…

5 Don’t Forget the Flowers

You can add flowers that are edible to your vegetable garden. Some edible flowers include nasturtium, borage and pink jasmine. These flowers will attract the good bugs, such as the lady bugs that will eat the aphids. It is also going to help to attract the bees, which is going to enhance it. Some of the flowers bees enjoy are lavender and rosemary.

4 For Those That do Not Have Much Room

If you do not have much room, then choose those crops that do not need much room. This includes things such as lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers along with pole beans.

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3 Put Them in the Ground

It would be better and cheaper to sow the seedlings straight into the ground. This will save you from having to put the seeds in pots and then transferring them to the ground.

2 Remember the Seasons

Certain things can only grow during certain seasons. If you plan on planting pumpkins, corn, watermelon, squash, peas or anything else, then you should plant them during the right time.

1 Don’t Forget the Mulch

Why do people add mulch to their garden? One of the reasons as to why people add mulch to their garden is because it helps keep the weeds down. It also helps protect the roots of the plant and keeps the moisture in the soil.

Those are my 5 tips on starting a vegetable garden. If and when you start a veggie garden, you should keep my tips in mind. So, what do you plan on growing and why did you pick that to grow?

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