8 Strangest Plants Ever ...


8 Strangest Plants Ever ...
8 Strangest Plants Ever ...

What is the first thing you think about when somebody mentions plants? Tasty fruits? Beautiful, great-smelling flowers? Well, we all know not all plants look or smell great but this post will show you exactly how strange, foul-smelling and odd the plants can get. Let me introduce my top 8 weirdest creations the Mother Nature has came up with:

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Amorphophallus Titanum: the Corpse Flower

The shape, the size, the color – everything about this plant is amazing! Everything except its smell, that is! This huge plant really smells like rotten meat and its rich, deep burgundy color is there to enhance the whole “rotten meat” effect and attract flesh seeking insects. Now, I know having this plant in your garden might sound like a great way to get back to your horrible next door neighbors but, unfortunately, it grows only in Sumatra rainforests.


Amorphophallus: Misshapen Penis Plant

Here’s a smaller in size, but equally strange and stinky member of the Amorphophallus specie. The flower isn’t so terrible, if you don’t mind the STD infected penis-like shape in the center and the smell of rotten flesh. LOL! Interesting specie, indeed, although I’m not really sure if they have any real purpose. But okay, let’s not question Mother Nature’s sense of humor.


Rafflesia Arnoldii: Corpse Plant

This plant can measure up to 3 feet across and weight anywhere from 15 to 24 pound which, of course, makes it the biggest flower ever. Pretty huge, huh? Well, add the foul smell I’ve mentioned above and you’ll have two pretty good reasons not to experiment with growing it in your own garden. Plus, it’s not really the prettiest flower out there and it will probably attract every flesh seeking insect you could think of.


Codariocalyx Motorius: Dancing Grass

Now here’s one that doesn’t look strange at all, smells nothing like roadkill on a hot summer day and is pretty easy to grow even outside rainforests. So, what makes this plant strange then? Well, this plant moves or dances on its own! But really! Its leaves move like little butterfly’s wings and people even say it delivers its best performance to the sound of death metal. Cute!


Mimosa Pudica: the Shy Plant

If you liked the dancing plant, you’ll definitely love the shy plant too. It doesn’t look like much and it definitely doesn’t resemble any private parts but just try to touch it and see what happens. This little thingy is so shy that it will close its leaves and re-open them again once you stop touching her. This cool weed grows in South and Central America so hope we have readers here that could tell us more about it. I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m pretty amazed!


Hydnora Africana

A parasitic South African plant that neither looks nor smells pretty! It’s fleshy brownish “flower” will definitely put you off but, in case you still decide to come close, you’ll have the unique opportunity to “enjoy” the worst feces-like smell you could ever expect. Terrible for humans but delicious for bugs – similar to other foul smelling plants the stench has a purpose to attract pollinators.


Nepenthes: Monkey Cup

A very interesting plant that got its funny nickname due to the fact that monkeys often mistake it for a vending machine. Its hollow, cup-like flowers are filled with liquid that is drinkable but it’s main purpose it to capture and drown “dinner”. The plant “eats” anything from tiny insects and spiders to even frogs, snails, centipedes and lizards! Cute, huh? You can even grow it in your own greenhouse! That is, if you can provide a humid environment for it to grow and enough crickets to keep it full. Umm, no thanks! I’ll stick ro cats and dogs.


Wollfia Angusta

Often called water meal or corn meal, this plant it the smallest one of them all! It’s so tiny that a dozen of them could fit onto a head of the pin! You need more details about its size? Well, let’s be precise then – one single plant measures 1/25 of an inch. However, this plant isn’t useless at all! It’s actually a good soy substitute so just wait until Oprah hears about it! I smell the next ”IT” thing for healthy living coming soon. You never know!

What do you say about these plants, then? Pretty amazing, I’d say. But, imagine how many others there are, just waiting to be discovered!

Top Photo Credit: Paul J. Morris

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