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5 Tips on Growing Radishes ...

By Aprille

Radishes are some of the easiest roots to grow and they make an excellent addition to a bland garden salad. I’ve had seeds that were a few years old and they still produced fantastic radishes. Growing an assortment of radishes will provide you with a cheap and tasty snack or garnish. Here are 5 tips on growing radishes in your garden.

5 Sow the Seeds Directly into the Ground

Seeds should be planted directly outside and while the weather is still a bit cool. The seed packet should give you an approximate time for the radish seeds to mature. You want the seeds to have cool weather to start off and then become fully mature before the days become too hot.

4 Leave Radishes in the Ground for a Hotter Flavor

If you find your radishes being rather hot tasting, this could be either from the seeds being too old or the radish itself being left in the ground for a long period of time. Radishes should be harvested as soon as they are ready, if you want to avoid having extra hot radishes.

3 Water Plants Evenly to Avoid Cracking Roots

These large root crops are sensitive to the amount of water they receive. Radishes do like a lot of water, but allowing the ground to dry out completely between watering can cause the roots to split open. Don’t flood radishes with water after a sudden drought either. This will cause the roots to grow very rapidly and split open as well.

2 Thin out Radish Plants to Give the Roots Room to Grow

If you don’t thin out the radish plants, they will become too crowded and unable to grow properly. The individual roots will be long and spindly. There’s no way for each root to plump up to its destined size when it’s being crowded out by neighbors.

1 Plant Seeds in a Shallow Trench

The seeds of a radish plant are rather small, so they don’t need to be buried very deep under the ground’s surface. Dig a shallow trench with a stick, sprinkle in the seed with a space of a couple of inches between each one, and then lightly cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil.

It only takes the average radish about 23 days to grow to maturity. This isn’t much time at all! Think of all the wonderful radishes you can grow this spring in that short amount of time. If you’re looking for something to do with the radish tops, leave them in an area for the wild rabbits to find. They love radish tops! Do you think these tips will help you grow a successful bunch of radishes this year?

Top Photo Credit: Maasala Cha

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