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5 Tips on Weeding the Spring Garden ...

By Aprille

The following 5 tips on weeding the spring garden should help you complete you job with fewer aggravations. I found that the tips listed below made my life so much easier. I was able to weed the garden without breaking out in a weird rash and was able to make good use of my time. I hope these tips will help you as well!

5 Gather Everything You Need before You Start

Running back and forth between the garden and the tool shed causes more time to be added onto your weeding project than you think. Think about what tools and other supplies you will need and take everything with you the first time.

4 Use Weed Killer when Necessary

There’s no sense in wearing yourself out by fighting the same weeds over and over again. Crab grass is a prime example of a weed that is difficult to battle without chemicals. Invest in some potent weed killer that will get rid of those pesky weeds the first time.

3 Weed Regularly

If you make it a habit to pull weeds at least once a week, you won’t have a whole slew of weeds to pull at one time. Waiting until the garden gets completely overgrown in weeds makes for an extremely long day of weeding, not to mention a haven for pests and disease to thrive.

2 Have an Assortment of Hand-tools

Pulling weeds solely by hand can be tiring. It’s easy to end up with sore hands, forearms, and even legs the day after. Get a hand trowel, a little handheld rake, some small gardening shears, and a cushy pad to kneel on.

1 Wear Gloves

Protecting your hands will not only help you avoid getting grass stain from pulling weeds, but they will also keep you from having an allergic reaction from the weeds. Sometimes you overlook that little sprig of poison ivy or stinging nettle growing in the middle of the weed patch.

Unfortunately weeding is a part of gardening and must be done if you want a successful garden, whether it’s flowers, veggies, or herbs. What weeding tips would you like to share?

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