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5 Annuals to Add Color to Your Garden ...

By Aprille

I’m more inclined to plant row after row of perennials, since I know they are going to grow back the following year. This eliminates a lot of the extra time needed to plant flowers that I will only get to enjoy for a single season. Despite the fact that annuals are a one-time thing, there are still so many types that produce amazingly vibrant blooms and truly brighten up a dull garden space. Here are 5 annuals to add color to your garden that you might like to plant this spring and summer.

5 Sweet Pea Villa Roma Scarlet

I adore the tiny green tendrils that curl up each stem on Sweet Pea plants. This particular variety produces an abundance of scarlet blooms and each plant is rather compact. These plants are excellent for a garden that receives full sun. Each plant also doesn’t need stakes to provide support for each stem.

4 Angelonia Serena

Each flower covered stem is bursting with blooms all summer long. Flowers are either light pink, dark purple, light purple, or white, depending on which variety you choose. They grow well in hot climates where the air is humid but the soil is dry. Butterflies and bees flock to the blooms on these plants as well.


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3 Blanket Flower Dazzler

The deep hues of orange rose, cream, pink, and peach make these flowers the perfect backdrop for just about any other flowers you have already planted. They do well in both clay and sandy soil. These gorgeous flowers start blooming towards the end of spring and continue to produce flowers well into the fall.

2 Catchfly Angel

Even though these tiny flowers only measure a couple of inches across, the brilliant pink color is still eye-catching. Place these small plants in a sunny part of the garden and watch them fill the area with bright pink flowers from the end of spring to the end of summer.

1 Coreopsis Presto

If you are looking for a compact plant that has the ability to crank out the blooms, then look no further. Double blooms in bright golden-orange sit atop lush green foliage and these plants don’t take up much room at all. They measure between 6 to 8 inches fully grown, are deer resistant, and do well in poor soil.

I hope this list gives you some new ideas for plants you might like to add to your garden. When you are in need of some colorful flowers are there any certain plants you always turn to?

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