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5 Tips for a Better Home Garden ...

By Aprille

Who doesn’t want a fantastic looking garden? I don’t know anyone who starts a garden with the idea of letting it fall to the wayside later on. If you are in need of ways to spruce up your garden plot, then take a look at these 5 tips for a better home garden. I get ideas from magazines, neighbors, and sometimes they just pop into my head. I’m always more than happy to share some of my own personal tips with other gardeners, so I hope you enjoy these!

5 Keep Weeds down

Weeds can make a garden very unattractive, even if the weeds are in bloom. Apply a heavy layer of mulch to your garden to stop weeds from popping up in the first place. There are also plenty of liquid weed killers available that aren’t harmful to most garden plants.

4 Prune when Necessary

Dead branches hanging off of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants makes gardens appear to be rather neglected. Keep these trimmed back and cut off any dead parts when it’s appropriate for the type of plant being pruned.

3 Get Rid of Dead Plants

Pull up dead plants when it looks like there’s no chance of survival. A shriveled up brown plant greatly detracts from your beautiful garden, even if there’s only one to be seen. The dead or disease plant that is slowly turning brown is often the first one somebody notices when looking at a garden.

2 Make Some Landscaping Changes

Add a bird bath, put in a small fountain, and place some rocks or landscaping timbers here and there. It’s amazing at how much a garden can be positively altered by a few changes in landscaping.

1 Add Lots of Color

I find that a lot of different colors of flowers make any garden much more aesthetically pleasing. Dark green or purple foliage on plants adds a bit more character to the garden as well.

If you use any of these tips, you’ll know if they’ve done your garden some good by the number of compliments you get. I can usually tell when my garden is looking a bit sad as soon as I walk out the door. Taking a day to perform a few changes here and there will make you happy you did! What tips do you have for gardeners who are trying to make their home garden look better?

Top Photo Credit: JosieN2010

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