5 Great Herbs for Teas ...

By Aprille

5 Great Herbs for Teas ...

I love fresh herbal tea and it makes me happy to be able to get plants right from my own back yard to make a lovely blend of tea with. Here are 5 great herbs for teas. You might be familiar with most of them and hopefully I’ve given you information 1 or 2 new types to try.

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5 Florence Fennel Zefa Fino

If you like the scent of anise, then you’ll enjoy making tea from the leafy foliage of this plant. It isn’t quick to bolt like other type of fennel. This particular type of plant grows to a height of 2 feet and spreads to around 14 inches wide. It is an annual that can be grown in the spring, summer, or autumn.

4 Borage

Plants will reach a height of 2 feet and spread between 6 and 12 inches across. Blue flowers tip the ends of the stems during the summer. Butterflies are attracted to these sweet smelling flowers. A common name for borage is ‘Starflower’. Even though the blue flower types of borage are prevalent, a variety with white flowers is also available. This plant is also an annual.

3 Lemon Balm

Small white flowers bloom during the summer to attract bees to this perennial plant and you can enjoy a lemony flavored tea from the leaves. This plant is a perennial in zones 4 thru 9 and it grows to be about 2 feet tall. It thrives in full sun and gets bushier if you pinch the tops off of stems before they have a chance to bloom.

2 English Lavender

A couple of teaspoons of flowers from the lavender plant can be added to a cup of boiling water for a tea that produces a calming effect on the person drinking it. This plant is generally an annual, but it will grow as a perennial in zones 7 thru 9. The foliage is a bluish-gray and each flower is a beautiful lilac color.

1 Catnip

If you have cats, you are probably already familiar with catnip. However, the leaves don’t have the same effect on humans as they do on cats. You won’t have to worry about being wound up from sipping on some catnip tea! Teas made from leaves of the catnip plant actually have the opposite effect on humans. It is a great tea to drink right before bedtime in order to relax. This plant is a perennial in zones 3 thru 8 and should be planted in full sun. It grows to be around 2 feet tall and produces tiny flowers that bees are drawn to.

I’m not sure which of these herbs is my favorite. It seems like it depends on the time of year, as well as the mood I’m in. What are your favorite herbs to make tea with?

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