5 Tips on Growing Beautiful Daffodils

By Aprille

Daffodils were some of the very first flowers I ever planted in my yard. They are vibrantly colored, cheery, and smell absolutely amazing. Whether you are adding a few bulbs to your current flower collection or thinking about creating an entire bed filled with these yellow flowers, then these 5 tips on growing beautiful daffodils might come in handy.

5 Choose Healthy Bulbs

Getting plants to take root successfully beings with purchasing bulbs that are healthy. Make sure they don’t have rotten spots on them or they aren’t cut in half.

4 Plant at a Depth 2 Times Their Length

This means if you have a bulb measuring 2 inches long, you’ll need to plant it about 4 inches underneath the dirt’s surface. I like to plant my bulbs in the fall so that the dirt has time to settle around the bulb and the flower blooms first thing in the spring.

3 Put Them in a Part of the Garden That is Sunny

Daffodils like lots of sunshine and do best in full sun. Seeing as how these flowers bloom in the early part of spring, they don’t get a lot of daylight hours as it is, so they need as much sun as possible.

2 Fertilize Twice

The first application of fertilizer should be added as soon as the leaves begin to emerge. Use a 5-10-10 formula for this first application. Once the daffodils begin to produce flowers, apply a 0-0-50 formula of fertilizer.

1 Let the Foliage Stay until It Turns Yellow

Even after daffodils have finished blooming the leaves will remain green for many weeks. The bulbs are busy making their bloom for next year, so don’t chop off the leaves! I allow the leaves on my daffodils to completely die back before cutting them off.

I hope you are able to use these growing tips and have a beautiful daffodil garden. What additional tips would you offer to someone who is thinking about planting some daffodils?

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