5 Great Plants for Creating Borders with …

Landscaping around gardens and along walkways with rocks or timbers creates a smooth break. I prefer to use plants to border gardens, frame the edges of a walkway, or outline a specific area. I like have a living border to look at, as opposed to stones or wood. I’ve described 5 great plants for creating borders with in the list below. I hope you find something that sparks your interest.

5. Fire King Crocosmia

For an area with lots of sun or only a small amount of shade, these 2 feet tall plants bear tubular florets that start off orange and gradually change to the most brilliant red. The sword-shaped foliage surrounds stems that arch gracefully. These bulbs are hardy in zones 4 thru 9.

4. Spectacular Red Carpet Border Lilies

Red flowers seem to add color to any garden or wherever you decide to use them for creating a border. These low-growing lilies can each produce up to 15 gorgeous blossoms atop a single stem. They do well in climate zones 3 thru 8 and can be planted in an area with partial shade or full sun. As with most lilies, this particular variety spreads each year.

3. Rainbow Yarrow Mix

Designing a border with this blend of yarrow will add more than just one color to the area. This mix provides plants that produce blooms in white, yellow, orange, red, or pink. I love the feathery foliage on a yarrow plant. The soft leaves compliment the abundance of compact flowers on each stem. Yarrow blooms for up to 3 months and does excellent in full sunlight. These plants are great for growing in zones 3 thru 9.

2. Little Blue Wonder Sea Holly

The small blue flowers on this plant resemble the same blossoms seen on thistle plants. Every individual branch on this plant produces more than 100 bright blue flowers. The blue color is long lasting, even when the flowers are allowed to dry. Gardeners living in zones 5 thru 9 should have no problem getting these little gems to grow successfully. They bloom from the middle of summer to fall and can be planted in sunny or shaded areas.

1. Orange Glory Flower

You can frame a garden and attract butterflies at the same time with this orange wonder. Hardy in zones 3 thru 9, flowers continue to appear on this plant all summer long. Deer prefer not to eat Orange Glory flowers, so you won’t have to worry about your beautiful border becoming a meal for the local deer population. Plant these flowers in either partial shade or full sun.

Each of the plants listed above are perennials and don’t have to be dug up in the fall, unless you live in a climate that is colder than the recommended zones for each plant. Do you prefer a certain color of flower for making borders with or a bunch of colorful flowers?

Top Photo Credit: vzonabaxter