5 Great Accent Plants for a Flowerbed ...

By Aprille

5 Great Accent Plants for a Flowerbed ...

Sometimes you need just a little something to spruce up a plain old flowerbed. Here is a list of 5 great accent plants for a flowerbed that might help add a bit of character to it. You don’t always need a flower that is bright and flashy. You might like a plant with great foliage and no flowers at all, such as a simple clump of ornamental grass. Check out the following list and see what you think.

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5 Cherry Lemonade Coreopsis

I bet you haven’t seen a plant like this one! The foliage is soft and feathery and in the brightest hue of yellow I’ve ever seen. On to of this brilliant 9 inch tall foliage are crimson flowers. Unfortunately, this plant will only survive winters in zones 9 to 11. It is perfect for planting in a garden for the summer and then bringing it in for the winter in colder climates. Plant this coreopsis in full sun.

4 Non-fade Powder Blue Festuca

The tufts of bluish-green foliage produced by this plant are great for breaking up a monotonous border along a flower garden. This ground cover is deer resistant, does well in poor soil, and likes full or partial sunlight. Zones 4 to 9 are preferred by these drought-tolerant clumps of color.

3 Bonfire Euphorbia

The color-changing ability of this plant is truly breath-taking. During the spring this plant’s foliage consists of hues of lime, orange, and yellow. Small blooms appear in the spring that tops each plant with chartreuse and gold. Once fall arrives, the foliage colors shift to burgundy and crimson. This plant grows well in zones 5 to 7 and prefers full to partial sunlight.

2 Caladium

I’m going to lump all the varieties together, since any of them make an excellent accent plant. Caladium varieties sold at most nurseries include; Florida Cardinal, Rosebud, White Christmas, and Pink Beauty. Each one has something different to offer any flowerbed. They only do well over winter in zones 10 to 11; otherwise they need to be dug up after the first frost occurs.

1 Lavender Rosea

This light pink variety of lavender makes an excellent backdrop for a flowerbed. The green foliage and pale pink blossoms really brighten up a space. Each plant reaches around 18 inches in height and does best in zones 6 to 8.

I hope you can find something in this list that is new to you and that sounds like it might be a great addition to your flowerbed. What types of plants have you already added to your garden this year as accent plants?

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