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5 Plants That Need Shade

By Aprille

It seems as if I can always find plenty of plants that enjoy sunshine or at least partial sunshine, but it’s more difficult to find shade-loving plants that do well underneath the canopy of trees I have. If you are in the market for a good selection of shade-loving plants, then the following list might serve you well. Here are 5 plants that need shade and are still as colorful as plants that enjoy the sun.

5 Coleus

The foliage on these plants is extremely colorful and never fades during their entire growing season. Since the color comes from the foliage of these plants, there aren’t any flowers that will wilt and die during the warm months. This means you’ll have lots of color in your garden all spring, summer, and most of the fall.

4 Delphinium Magic Fountains

Water these plants freely and you’ll have more blooms than you ever thought could be possible on a plant. The dark green foliage gives way to an almost 2 feet tall stalk that is absolutely covered in colorful flowers. These flowers range in color; white, lavender, pale pink, and deep purple.


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3 Impatiens

The varieties of impatiens available are plentiful and range in colors from white to dark red, with light pink, salmon, and lavender in between. Some hybrids have contrasting colors in the center of each flower or a thin stripe of white down the middle of each petal. Impatiens begins blooming in the early part of summer and continues until well into the fall.

2 Brazilian Fireworks Maracas

No matter how shady your garden gets to be, this flower will thrive. Variegated foliage gives way to crimson and purple blossoms all summer long. These flowers also grow well in a container placed in a shady location.

1 Toad Lily

If you’re looking for a shade-loving flower that resembles an orchid, then this is the perfect plant. Each Toad Lily plant produces a chain of white and lavender flowers in the fall that can reach heights of up to 3 feet.

Each of the 5 plants listed above work well for any shade garden. I hope you find something you like! Do you prefer shade-loving plants that produce lots of foliage and few flowers or would you rather have lots of colorful flowers instead?

Top Photo Credit: Foto Martien

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