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5 Tips on Caring for a Gardenia Bush ...

By Aprille

Gardenia bushes can be planted outside or kept trimmed back for a smaller container plant that can easily be placed on a patio. They produce the most amazingly fragrant flowers and add a bit of elegance to an area. If you’ve recently purchased one of these lovely bushes and need to know how to take care of it properly, then feel free to use the 5 tips on caring for a gardenia bush.

5 Keep the Temperature around a Constant 70 Degrees

If the temperatures in your area fluctuate by a small amount, such as 10 degrees either way, then your plants should be alright. However if you live in an area where the temperatures are extremely hot and dry or bitterly cold in the winter, you may want to keep your gardenia bush in a container and bring it indoors during extreme temps.

4 Place the Bush in an Area with Partial Shade

Partial shade will allow your gardenia bush to remain a bit moist, since the sun won’t be beating down on top of it all day long. The bush needs to be placed in an area where taller trees won’t drip down onto it, let alone provide too much shade during the day.


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3 Fertilize Once a Month during Spring and Summer

Gardenias prefer the soil to be a bit acidic. Test the soil where you plan on placing your gardenia bush. If the soil is between 4.5 and 5.5, then it’s perfect. If the level is higher than this, use a fertilizer that was created for azaleas since it will also work well for gardenia bushes. Applying a bit of compost when you plant the bush and each spring will also help provide plenty of nutrients.

2 Water Frequently during the Summer Time

In this case, frequently means every other day. As long as the soil is a bit moist, the gardenia bush will do well. Test the soil’s moisture level by placing your finger into the soil before watering. This moisture test will prevent you from overwatering the bush.

1 Dropped Buds Aren’t Always a Serious Issue

Sometimes over or under-watering can cause your gardenia bush to lose buds, but other times it’s just a stress reaction that occurs when the plant is moved.

Using these care tips should help you to keep your gardenia bush looking fantastic. What other things would be good for you to know about taking care of a gardenia bush?

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