5 Wildflowers That Are Easy to Grow


5 Wildflowers That Are Easy to Grow
5 Wildflowers That Are Easy to Grow

In my opinion, there are a lot more than 5 wildflowers that are easy to grow. However, I decided to only list 5, so as to not overwhelm you with the wonderful variety of wildflowers available. Take a look at the following list and see if any of these are already in your garden.

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I have these beautiful flowers pop up in places where I know for sure that I didn’t plant any seeds. They come in pink, blue, and white and are perfect for even the smallest garden spots. These plants are generally very drought resistant too.


Bee Balm

This spring blooming flower is in the same group as Bergamot and both are easy to grow. There really isn’t much you have to do to maintain either of these plants. The bees absolutely love bee balm!



I see this wildflower along the roadside during the summer months. The local hardware store also sells seeds for this flower in a large package. If you sprinkle these around your garden area, you’ll have tall flowers in no time. They like moist soil and lots of sunshine.



I love seeing these vibrant yellow flowers blooming around the yard. They are very hardy, which is probably why they are easy to grow. The lanceleaf variety of this plant is extremely hardy and does well in both dry and clay soils.


Shasta Daisies

Most of the sunny areas of my yard where grass isn’t growing, these little flowers have emerged. Shasta Daisies seem to be able to pop up without me even giving them a boost. They turn up in the oddest places; next to the old tire by the shed, in the crook of a tree that has a bit of dirt in it, or even in an old tin can that has filled up with a small amount of dirt and rock.

Many companies sell wildflower mixes for a very low price, which gives you tons of seeds to sprinkle about your yard for a gorgeous garden. What are your favorite types of wildflowers?

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