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5 Reminders on Preparing the Garden for Spring ...

By Aprille

These 5 reminders on preparing the garden for spring will be a huge help for people who are new to gardening. I remember the very first garden I planted and how I came to realize that there were some things that probably should have been done before I ever started planting seeds. Now these reminders seem like common sense to me!

5 Add Manure 3 to 4 Weeks before Planting Begins

Garden centers sell bags of manure that has already been aged, but it's still a good idea to get this organic matter applied to your garden space well before plants get set into place. Fresh manure must be given time to age after it is applied to a new garden, otherwise any plants placed in it will burn up almost immediately.

4 Till the Garden a Couple of Times before Planting

The first time you till the garden should be as soon as the tiller will break through the soil. The second tilling should be done right before you are about to place the plants.

3 Make Sure Rows Are Clearly Marked

Haphazardly placing plants around the garden can turn into a nightmare later. Not only will you be unable to identify which plants are supposed to be there and which ones are weeds, but you might not even remember what has been planted.

2 Lay down Mulch as Soon as Seeds Have Been Planted

The sooner you can apply mulch to the garden, the less problems weeds will cause later on. You don't have to spend a lot of money on mulch either. Laying a few sheets of newspaper down the rows and around the plants is a cheap method of weed control.

1 Add Fertilizer before Plants Are Placed in the Garden

If you don't have access to lots of compost or other organic matter, then applying a fertilizer is the next best thing. You'll want to provide your newly placed plants with enough nutrients to get a good start on life.

Do you feel these reminders are helpful ones or do you have some of your own to add instead?

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