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5 Tips on Growing Snapdragons ...

By Aprille

Snapdragons have a leafy stem that looks very similar to a tiger lily, but the flowers at the top of this stem resemble miniature versions of glads when viewed from afar. These vibrant flowers make the perfect backdrop for a garden lacking color. If you are thinking about starting some of these annuals for your garden, then take a look at the 5 tips on growing snapdragons I’ve posted below.

5 Plant Indoors for an Early Start

Seeds for snapdragons are easy to germinate and grow indoors, if you are unable to purchase small plants at your local nursery. In order to have them ready for spring planting, start seeds around 7 weeks before the last frost is due to occur. You’ll be able to set the seedlings outdoors when they are around 9 weeks old.

4 Provide Soil with Adequate Drainage

Mixing in some organic matter with the soil you are going to plant your snapdragons in should allow excess water to drain away easily. You want to be sure the soil isn’t packed too tightly around the seeds or the young plants you are placing in the garden. A small amount of sand can even be added to the soil if you don’t have any compost on hand.

3 Water Well, but Don’t Drown Them

Snapdragons like the soil kept moist. Be sure to water them often, but don’t saturate the ground completely. You can always check the soil before watering your snapdragons to see if the ground is still moist from a previous watering or rainstorm.

2 Full Sunlight is Best

Snapdragons will tolerate a little bit of shade, but they do best in full sun. Even though they prefer cooler weather to hot, they do enjoy their sunshine!

1 Don’t Pull the Plants up Too Soon

Some gardeners will pull up plants as soon as they finish blooming. It’s a good thing to remember that snapdragons will have two bloom sessions. One will occur at the end of spring and the second will be closer to fall, once the weather cools down again. While they are blooming, don’t forget to deadhead each one to allow additional blooms to grow.

I hope these tips help you to grow plenty of healthy and gorgeous snapdragons this year. They are beautiful plants that brighten up any dreary garden spot. Why did you decide to grow snapdragons this year?

Top Photo Credit: TKIY

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