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5 Animals You May Find in Your Garden ...

By Aprille

I am very fond of animals, even the ones that wander uninvited into my garden. I try to arrange my garden so that I don’t have to fight off any wildlife and they can peacefully mill around as they please. A list of 5 animals you may find in your garden is provided below.

5 Robins

I have yet to see a robin attack my garden plants. They are much more interested in hunting the worms writhing in the soil beneath the foliage. Robins are also very territorial, so I tend to have the same bossy male in my garden each spring.

4 Squirrels

These little fur balls spend much of their time burying and digging up walnuts…in my garden. Do you know how many walnut trees I’ve seen sprout in between my tomatoes and beans? So far, they haven’t decided that they want to raid any of my crops and I’m fine with relocating stray walnut trees from time to time.

3 Opossums

I actually like knowing these guys are wandering around in the garden. They don’t bother the plants, since they are much more interested in the snails, slugs, and other undesirable insects. I’m more than happy to share my supply of bugs with the opossums that come into my garden.

2 Skunks

I very rarely see skunks in the garden, but they do visit once in a great while. Their favorite foods are grasshoppers and beetles, so I don’t have to worry about them stealing tomatoes or green beans. I think skunks are cute and I make sure to watch them from a distance!

1 Deer

When it comes to large pests, deer take the cake. A single deer can destroy a garden plot in no time at all. Motion lights tend to scare dear away or at least they will notify you when a deer is in the yard. I had to put up 8 foot fences to keep deer out of the garden. They are amazing jumpers!

Living in the city doesn’t always let you off the hook. There are many cases where some of the animals mentioned above have found city gardens to raid. You’d be surprised at how well animals can adapt to their surroundings. Do you have any four-legged visitors in your garden on a regular basis? Do you consider them a nuisance or a source of entertainment?

Top Photo Credit: tiikka

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