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5 Tips on Relaxing in the Garden ...

By Aprille

I like hanging out in my garden, but it isn’t always as relaxing as I’d like it to be. There are weeds to pull, the heat can be a bit daunting, and bugs like to gnaw on more than just my plants! Despite all this, there are ways to let my cares slip away and simply enjoy what I have. Here are 5 tips on relaxing in the garden for you to use or pass on to others.

5 Don’t Go to the Garden Only when Work Needs to Be Done

If you are able to spend some time in the garden and not have to pull weeds or prune plants, then it will be a more relaxing experience for you. Try heading to the garden just to check up on things and not to work.

4 Take along a Friend

Maybe you have a neighbor that doesn’t get out much, but has expressed interest in gardening. Invite her out to dig in the dirt with you from time to time. Chatting to a friend makes the time pass quickly, even if you are pulling pesky weeds!


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3 Draw in the Birds

I always find watching the birds to be very relaxing. You don’t have to build a giant bird feeder to attract them either. Set out dinner plate or a pie pan and put some bird feed in it. You’ll have birds visiting you garden in no time at all. They are great at keeping the bug population in check too.

2 Have a Place to Sit and Enjoy Nature

My husband made a bench for me to place in the middle of my flower garden. When I get tired of working in the garden, I can take a rest and watch what nature is doing around me. Take along something to sit on in or near your garden, even an old lawn chair will suffice. You just might get to see nature at its finest!

1 Create a Space That is Pleasant to Look at

Plant some brightly colored flowers, add a small water fall, or even a little fish pond. You can create a space that is your own without having to buy anything extra. Use what you have. An old teapot can be used for a vining plant and it adds a bit of character to even the tiniest garden plot.

Some gardens don’t require much work at all and these are the best kind to have. Unfortunately, I love flowers and it’s hard to create a flower garden that requires no maintenance at all. I hope these tips are useful to you and you are able to find ways to relax in your garden. What techniques do you use to relax while gardening?

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