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7 Ways to Get Ready for Garden Time ...

By Elizabeth

Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes! I so look forward to spring, when I can get out in the cool dirt and get to planting! Each year, I add a new bed of flowers to my yard, so hopefully, in a few years, my yard will be full of beautiful blooms throughout the spring, summer and fall! Here are a few things I do (right now) to get ready for garden time...

1 Plan Your Garden Site

Even before it's time to plant your garden, you can pick your site. Know where you're going to put it, what shape it will be, how big it will be, and how deep it will be. I've picked a special tree where I'm going to plant a large, round garden around. I'm going to be buying enough of those basic blocks to build it two blocks high. Do you have any garden plans yet?

2 Pick Your Flowers

I love to order my bulbs from Brecks and Spring Hill. They're guaranteed to grow, or you get your money back, so it's a great deal! It's best to plan your flower selection to include bloomers for spring, summer and fall, that way you have color the entire time. There is also some lilies and irises that are "double bloomers" which means that they will bloom in the spring and again in the late summer to early fall. Other great selections would be daffodils for early spring blooms, daisies for summer blooms and mums for fall blooms. Oh, and don't forget the roses for all-around blooms!


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3 Buy Your Supplies

Why wait until you actually need it to go ahead and buy potting soil, top soil, bricks, pots and whatever else you will need. Go ahead and buy it as soon as possible, that way when you're ready to get out and plant, you've already got what you need! I actually buy a lot of my supplies at the end of the season, that way I can get clearance prices on a lot of it. It's a great way to save money and still be prepared.

4 Start Your Seeds

Grab your egg crates and start your tiny seedlings inside. Find a sunny window, put a little dirt in, and drip in the seeds! That way, when you're ready to plant, you've got your plants ready for the ground!

5 Add Compost

Year around, you should be adding to your compost pile. It's a great way to recycle, and save money by not having to buy fertilizer. Make sure you have your compost pile ready for planting season!

6 Find Planters

Look around for some interesting planters to add to the personality of your garden. You can get so creative with this! Chipped tea cups, old pots and pans... one woman used her dad's old ice cream maker! Boots make great planters for "chicks" ...

7 Visit a Local Farmer

There "ain't nothing" like some good manure to fertilize a garden! You'll have the most beautiful flowers in town if you use some, honest! Grab a few buckets while it's still a bit chilly, so the smell won't be so bad. Then, shovel a little in as you're preparing your soil!

Being prepared is the way to be! I like being ready way ahead of time. What about you? How do you get ready for gardening?

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