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5 Bugs That Are Good for Your Garden ...

By Aprille

Despite what most people think, not all bugs are bad. If you’ve been gardening for a while, then you’ve probably come across some of the bugs listed below. A few can be seen out in the garden and others can be ordered from farm or agricultural supply stores. Here are 5 bugs that are good for your garden. It’s helpful to have these bugs around so you don’t have to spray chemicals on your flowers and veggies. I try to avoid spraying my plants as much as possible.

5 Praying Mantis

A mantis will eat a range of garden pests; beetles, flies, and aphids just to name a few. These bugs are even rather friendly and a bit curious. They’ll hang out with you while you work in the garden and continue munching on all the pests they find.

4 Parasitic Nematodes

These are microscopic worms that are purchased and added to garden soil. Nematodes require special soil conditions before they can be released to aid your garden plants in the fight against pests. These worms kill weevils, grubs, and webworms.

3 Green Lacewings

The larvae of these bugs will eat caterpillar eggs, thrips, spider mites, whiteflies, and leafhoppers. You can plant carrots to attract these beneficial bugs or simply purchase some of the larvae from your local agricultural supply store.

2 Cryptolaemus Beetles

If mealy bugs are an issue in your garden, then these are the bugs you need to bring in. These beetles look very similar to ladybugs, but they are a darker color. The adults will eat the mealy bugs and they will then lay their eggs on a plant that is infested with mealy bugs so their larvae can eat the mealy bugs too.

1 Ladybugs

These pretty little insects eat aphids, which are the main cause of so many issues with garden plants. There are companies that actually sell ladybugs to gardeners who need assistance with getting rid of aphids. If you want to attract ladybugs to your garden, plant some yarrow, alfalfa, or morning glory vines.

Have you ever ordered some of these beneficial bugs for your garden? Feel free to let me know of any other types of bugs you’ve seen helping you out!

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