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5 Reasons to Read Garden Magazines ...

By Aprille

I’m thrilled every time I go to the mailbox and find a new gardening magazine. I love them all; seed catalogs, tree pamphlets, artistic gardening magazines, and anything I can get my hands on that talk about all aspects of gardening, no matter how general. Here are my 5 reasons to read garden magazines. Feel free to add your own reasons!

5 They Are Filled with Great Ideas

I can find helpful tips from avid gardeners on ways to spruce up my garden for little money. So many ideas grace the pages of gardening magazine and it’s easy to find something that pertains to me and my garden.

4 They Are Cheap Entertainment

I’m never bored on a rainy day when I have a stack of magazines on gardening to flip through. I tear out pages with tips, cut out pictures of garden layouts I admire, and take note of which plants I want to purchase for my garden in the spring.


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3 They Can Connect Gardeners from around the World

I became friends with a lady who enjoys swapping plants when I found a blurb she posted in a garden magazine. She was interested in getting new plants for her garden and had tons to share with others. This is a perfect way to get a wide variety of plants by just paying shipping on them. Gardening magazines often have people from all over the world who are interested in swapping gardening tips.

2 It Beats Trying to Surf the Net to Get New Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I find myself at the computer looking for one thing and end up transfixed on webpage that has nothing to do with what I was searching for. There are just too many things to get sidetracked by! In a gardening magazine, I have the information right in front of me and can collect what I want from the pages.

1 I Always Learn Something New

I have yet to come away from a garden magazine without learning something new. There are so many tidbits included on every page that you have to be sure to read them all.

What are some of the reasons you end up reading garden magazines?

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