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5 Easy Ways to Grow a Vegetable Garden ...

By Aprille

I think everyone should try their hand at growing veggies at least once in their life. Whether you consider yourself to have a green thumb or not, the tips listed below should help you successfully raise an excellent crop of whichever vegetables you choose. Here are 5 easy ways to grow a vegetable garden.

5 Save Seeds from Veggies You Eat

You probably have certain veggies you buy more often then others. Try saving the seeds from some of these vegetables and plant them during the summer. A few seedless varieties of veggies have hit the market, so you’ll most likely have to purchase plants to get these started in your own garden or choose vegetables with seeds.

4 Shred Old Newspapers and Junk Mail for Homemade Mulch

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on fancy mulch for your garden. The only thing you’ll have to invest in, if you don’t have one already, is a cheap paper shredder. You can layer the shredded pieces around plants and along rows to keep weeds down. If you don’t have a shredder, then just lay a few sheets of newspaper around the plants or down the rows to keep away the weeds.

3 Collect Kitchen Scraps to Mix with the Soil

Banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells make excellent compost, as do most kitchen scraps. Be sure to keep chunks of meat and dairy products out of the compost bucket. These won’t do your plants much good and also make the compost smell terrible a lot quicker. Mix the compost in with the soil to help it break down faster. You can also dump this mixture around the plants all summer long.

2 Mix Old Manure into the Soil before Planting

There is a huge difference between old manure and fresh manure. Not only does the fresher manure smell worse, but it can also do more harm than good to your plants. Fresh manure will cause the ground to become extremely hot and it will literally burn up your plants. The old dried out manure works wonders for producing large vegetables and it should smell like dirt, not a fresh cow pie.

1 Use Containers or Raised Beds if You Have Poor Soil

Maybe your soil is too rocky, has too much clay in it, or is just plain worn out. You can create raised beds out of lumber, use old tires filled with good dirt, or throw some gravel and soil into 5 gallon buckets. Any of these techniques can be used to aid in your quest for a place to plant your veggies.

I hope these tips show you just how easy it is to start your own veggie garden. Even if it’s only a small one the first time, it will still be loads of fun. What types of vegetables are you thinking about raising?

Top Photo Credit: retro_girl1966

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