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5 Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring ...

By Aprille

Spring time not only means the flowers will be blooming and the trees will begin to bud, but it also means that it’s time to get the yard ready as well. This is often a time consuming process, especially if you have a rather large yard. Here are 5 tips for getting your lawn ready for spring, no matter what size of yard you have.

5 Rake Leaves and save Them for Mulch

I live in an area where a lot of homeowners tend to burn their leaves in massive piles. I find it more beneficial for my garden if I rake the leaves into piles that are saved for mulch later on. I have a handy little machine that grinds the leaves up into smaller bits, making them much easier to use as mulch around most plants.

4 Plant Grass Seed on Bald Patches of Ground

The spring is a perfect time for planting grass seed. Even if it’s a bit cool out, the grass seed will do fine. Water the ground, sprinkle some grass seed onto the bald patch in the yard, and cover with a layer of straw.

3 Prune Where Necessary

Springtime is an excellent time for pruning most trees and bushes. Not all trees should be pruned in the spring time, but this time of year does make it much easier to spot any dead branches. These dead limbs can be taken off in the spring time with no damage to the tree.

2 Uncover Newly Emerging Plants

If you have a yard full of deciduous trees, then you’ll want to give your plants a helping hand in the spring. Sometimes the leaf mass is so thick that new shoots have a hard time getting through the thick pile of leaves. You can uncover the plants and leave a thin layer of leaf matter to add some nutrients to the soil.

1 Readjust Rocks, Bricks, and Other Objects Used for Landscaping

The winter weather tends to cause timbers, bricks, and rocks used for landscaping to shift slightly. Get these readjusted so that your borders around vegetable and flower gardens are well-defined.

I’m sure you are just as excited about spring finally arriving as I am! I hope these tips help you get your lawn in order for another excellent year of gardening. What do you normally have to do to prepare your lawn each spring?

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