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7 Tips on Growing Morning Glories ...

By Aprille

These 7 tips on growing Morning Glories should help you to grow lots of beautiful flowers this summer, whichever type of Morning Glory you decide to raise. These are an excellent flower that can be used to cover a bare fence or a rundown shed. Morning Glories come in assortment of colors as well and look fantastic when mixed together.

7 Plant Seeds a Week before Last Frost

Before placing seeds in the dirt, soak them for 24 hours. Soaking the seeds in warm water for a day will speed up germination and get your morning glories off to a quick start. If you have any doubts about when the last frost in your area will be, then you might want to wait to plant the seeds.

6 Place Seeds in an Area with Full Sun

Morning Glories are sun-loving vines, so they need to be placed in a location where they can receive lots of sunshine. Some varieties will tolerate a little bit of shade, but the sun does help Morning Glories to have more blooms.

5 Seeds Should Be Planted about an Inch below the Surface of the Soil

The seeds of a Morning Glory plant are very small, so planting them too deep will make it less likely for the seeds to survive. The soil should also be well-draining, which can be created with the addition of organic compost to any existing soil.

4 Provide Supports for the Morning Glory Vines

Bamboo stakes or thin dowel rods that measure between 10 to 12 feet in length can be used to support your newly sprouted morning glory vines. Different kinds of Morning Glories grow varying lengths, so it’s best to read the package the seeds are sold in.

3 Weave Newly Sprouted Tendrils around the Supports

As the plants begin to emerge, gently wind the vines around the supports you’ve provided. It may take a few days to get the vines to grasp the supports, but make sure to be persistent. If you allow the plants to roam freely, they will end up all tangled together.

2 Keep Soil Moist

The delicate vines of the Morning Glory can tolerate a slight drought, but they prefer to have moist soil at all times. Most vines require a lot of water and Morning Glories are no different.

1 Fertilize before Blooms Emerge

Morning Glories don’t have to be fertilized each week or even on a monthly basis. As long as you fertilize the plants a couple of times during the summer, they will have plenty of blooms on them and grow to be beautiful, luscious vines.

What kinds of Morning Glories are you thinking about growing this year? Feel free to share any useful tips you have for growing these gorgeous vining flowers as well.

Top Photo Credit: Chrisser

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