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5 Reasons I like Gardening Magazines ...

By Aprille

I look forward to getting gardening magazines each winter. I have 5 reasons I like gardening magazines and you might agree with the list I've posted below. I remember going to the plant nurseries with my parents in the very early spring and being amazed at the assortment of plants available. Imagine my surprise when I received my first gardening magazine and saw what was in a single issue!

5 I Find Great Ideas That I Might Never Have Thought of

The subscribers of most gardening magazines write in with their tips and suggestions for improving your garden. They also supply lots of pictures to the magazine to show off their garden and any unique landscaping ideas they have. Some of the gardens are breathtaking.

4 Each Issue Gives Me Something to Look Forward to

Since most garden magazines only come once a month, if that, I try to make each issue last. As soon as I'm finished reading one issue, I long to see what the next one will entail. I'm always excited to see what neat ideas subscribers will share with the rest of us. A few gardening magazines also provide recipes for using fresh herbs or edible flowers any one can grow.


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3 The Magazines Come Right to My Home

I can order any gardening magazine I like and have it delivered right to my front door. It's nice to know that even out here in the woods I can anticipate getting mail that I'm actually waiting for. Plus, I don't always have spare time to search on line for gardening ideas. These magazines bring the information right to me.

2 I Can save Them for Future Reference

If I don't want to save the entire magazine, I can always pull out the pages of importance and place them in binder for later. I like looking at the older issues later on to see if there was something I missed before. A lot of times I find a gardening tip I didn't remember or that I completely missed. Gardening magazines never seem to become outdated.

1 I Get What I Pay for

I think that gardening magazines provide plenty of information for what they charge per issue. They are packed to the gills with information, not tons of ads like fashion and gossip magazines. I don't need 4 pages of perfume samples, 30 pages of makeup ads, 5 pages of shoe ads, 15 pages of clothing ad, 3 pages with tips on love, and 2 pages of interesting information. I like my magazine to have substance to it and gardening magazines have yet to disappoint me.

There are a few places on line where you can subscribe for free issues of gardening magazines, just to see if they are something you might actually like. I recommend checking out a few before ordering a year long subscription to one. If you already get gardening magazines, what is your favorite one?

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