8 Reasons I Love Gardening ...

By Aprille

8 Reasons I Love Gardening ...

I think about gardening all year long, even during the coldest part of the year. Actually, the winter time is probably when I think the most about gardening. I find that planning new flower beds and ordering seeds for the spring helps my winter pass by quickly. Here are my 8 reasons I love gardening.

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I’m Always Learning Something New

I have yet to read a gardening magazine or to scan a blog about gardening without discovering at least one new thing. Just the other day I learned that adding a crushed tablet of aspirin to a vase of fresh cut flowers will prevent bacteria from growing in the water and allow me to enjoy my bouquet for a longer period of time.


I Get at Least a Little Bit of Exercise

Toting rakes, garden hose, a bucket of seeds, and pulling weeds here and there may not seem like a lot of physical activity, but I sure am sore the next day! By the time summer wind down, I don’t feel worn out from gardening as much as I do at the beginning of spring. I think just getting off the couch or away from the computer for a brief period of time and out into the garden to work should count as exercise. Right?


It Gives Me a Chance to Enjoy the Outdoors

I’ve always been attracted to activities that allowed me to be outside. I was a guide for 10 years and this involved taking people on dogsledding trips during the winter and kayaking trips in the summer time. Once I injured my back and had to switch to an indoor job, I began to get my outdoor fixes by taking up gardening.


I Get to See Wildlife Every Now and then

The cats ‘help’ me from time to time in the garden, but I don’t really lump them into the category of ‘wildlife’. I enjoy seeing the sparrows, cardinals, nut hatches, and juncos flit about the garden in search of bugs and seeds. Sometimes I place a platter of bird seed or bread crumbs out in the middle of the garden just for them.


I Can Provide Good Food for My Family

They may not revel in the veggies like I do, but I know they appreciate the effort I put forth in maintaining the vegetable garden. I’ve seen the boys sneak fresh tomatoes and peas from the garden for a quick snack. I like knowing that there aren’t any chemicals in the food my family eats from the garden.

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I Can Plant Whatever I Want

Having the freedom to plant any type of flower, vegetable, fruit, herb, or tree gives me a chance to try my hand at growing some rather exotic plants. I like being able to go through a gardening catalog and pick an assortment of plants to grow. There aren’t any specific plants that I absolutely have to place in my garden. It’s completely up to me!


I Get to Have My Own Space

Since I’m the one who plants the garden and tends to it regularly, I like to consider this as my personal space. I can relax and defuse after a long day. I’m usually left to piddle around with the plants on my own, which gives me time to think. Also, if I get the urge to sit in the middle of my flower garden in a lawn chair, I can!


It’s Very Relaxing

Not only is being in the garden relaxing, but I also find pulling weeds and scouting for bugs to be calming. I know some gardeners get stressed by just the thought of finding pests or pulling weeds. I personally don’t mind either of these tasks.

I hope the 8 reasons I love gardening that are listed above inspire you to make a garden of your own, if you don’t already have one started. If you do have a garden and enjoy it, then what are your reasons?

Top Photo Credit: Robert M Scott

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