5 Reasons to Love Your Garden ...

By Aprille

5 Reasons to Love Your Garden ...

I can think of many reasons for loving my garden. There is so much that I get out of gardening, both on a physical level and also on a mental one. Here are 5 reasons to love your garden. Feel free to add more to this list if you happen to have some different reasons of your own.

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5 It is Your Personal Space

You can do whatever you want in your garden. It can be sculpted and shaped into any type of garden you wish it to be. You have the power to create a work of art or keep it simple. No one can tell you what to plant in your personal garden area.

4 It is a Source of Enjoyment

The brightly colored flowers are a sight to behold in the summer. The birds and butterflies are always keeping me company as I work in the garden. I also like seeing the surprised look on my kids’ faces when they discover the first few veggies emerging. Each of these things brings they type of enjoyment that isn’t possible with anything else.

3 It Brings Family Closer Together

My family is always going different directions on a daily basis. When I’m able to work in the garden and have help from one or more family members, this makes me extremely happy. The garden brings us together in a good way. We are able to help one another and have something to show for our hard work.

2 It is Beneficial for Wildlife

I adore animals, all of them. I like watching them in the garden, no matter what they are. Most of the wildlife around here isn’t big on destroying gardens. They are more curious than anything. The birds do eat the bugs that are attracted to many of the plants in my garden, so they get a free meal out of the deal.

1 Plants Are Just Plain Awesome!

What better reason than that do you need? Plants clean the air, they are a source of beauty, they add nutrients to the soil, and so much more. There’s so much that wouldn’t exist without plants.

I hope these reasons made you think up some of your own as well. I can’t imagine not having a garden, no matter how small it might be. Even when I lived in the city I had a little garden in containers in the back yard. Why do you love your garden?

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