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5 Tips on Growing Hydrangeas ...

By Aprille

I’ve always been fascinated by the way hydrangeas will change color with the pH of the soil. These large plants can have their blossoms turn from pink to blue by adding aluminum to the dirt. They can also turn from blue to pink by taking aluminum out of the soil. The additional 5 tips on growing hydrangeas are listed below for you to use.

5 Morning Sunshine is Preferable

If you live in a northern climate, give them as much sunshine as possible. If you are located in a region where the sun can be somewhat harsh, then only morning sun is necessary. Having a shaded area in the afternoon will help the hydrangea plant not to burn up during the hottest part of the day.

4 Check out the Soil before Planting

Hydrangeas like to live in well-drained soil. For soil that appears to be too heavy, mulch can be mixed in with the soil to loosen it up a bit. Make sure to add enough mulch to do the plant some good as it grows.


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3 Be Careful Not to Overwater

Root rot is very easy for hydrangeas to contract when they set in water for too long. These plants do like a lot of moisture, especially during the first two years after being planted in the ground. Extra water might be necessary during droughts.

2 Prune Only when Necessary

A hydrangea isn’t like other woody bushes. There’s no need to prune it every year. They only get about 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, so there’s no chance of it suddenly taking over a large area if it isn’t pruned yearly. If you do need to engage in pruning, do it before the month of August.

1 Propagation

Making more little hydrangea plants is a cinch. Rooting of hydrangea flowers is possible by placing a single flower in a bowl or vase of water. Another method is to root leaves cut off of the parent plant. These should be placed in moist soil and then covered with a piece of plastic to form sort of a greenhouse over them. You can dip the tips of the cuttings in root growth hormone to speed the process up a bit.

I think hydrangeas are one of the easier flowering bushes I’ve come across. They are always bursting with colorful blooms and seem to do well in most climates. What tips for growing hydrangeas do you have to share?

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