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5 Tips on Getting Your Husband to Garden with You ...

By Aprille

My husband definitely isn’t the gardening type, but he will help me out if I need him to. Of course, his assistance is rarely needed, unless I find a large rock that I want placed among the flowers. He’s a great boulder mover! If you are trying to find ways to entice your spouse to help you in the garden, then take a look at these 5 tips on getting your husband to garden with you. Maybe you’ll find something that works!

5 Invite Him to Help Place Some Plants

My husband is usually more than happy to dig some holes for me. He doesn’t like sitting on the ground and rooting around in the dirt, but he’ll oblige me by making holes for me to plant new bulbs in each fall. It generally takes him one scoop with the shovel what it would take me 5 or 6 with my little trowel.

4 See if He’ll Just Sit and Chat While You Garden

Many times my husband has started talking to me while I’m in the garden and ended up helping me do some planting. The hard part is getting catching him before he gets busy with a project of his own.


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3 Ask for Landscaping Suggestions

This works with most of the men in my family. If you ask them for tips on landscaping, they are more than happy to initiate the entire project. Once they have helped design a garden space, they tend to want to hang out in it a bit more.

2 Take Him Plant Shopping

If you’re husband has a part in choosing some plants for the garden, then he might be more inclined to help you with the planting process. It’s always worth a try!

1 Make a Garden with Things He Likes

My husband isn’t much on veggies, so I can’t really entice him to help me in the garden by offering the first ripe tomato to him. If you have a veggie-lover for a husband, then you might be able to lure him into the garden by asking him to help harvest vegetables he likes.

I enjoy gardening and don’t mind doing it by myself. It’s sort of my time to relax. However, I don’t mind having someone to chat with while I work in the garden, especially if that someone is my husband. Does your husband voluntarily help you in the garden or do you have to beg him to come and join you?

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