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The 5 Best Flowers for Dried Arrangements

By Aprille

I love fresh cut flowers in the house, but during the winter they are very hard to come by. Having an assortment of dried flowers allows me to have a bouquet of brightly colored flowers even in the dead of winter. The 5 best flowers for dried arrangements, in my opinion, are listed below. I’ve had a lot of success with creating long-lasting bouquets with all of these flowers.

5 Chinese Lanterns

The bright orange ‘lanterns’ on each stem add lots of color to even the blandest dried arrangement. There are multiple lantern-shaped husks on each stem so you only need a few stems from this plant to have an interesting arrangement.

4 Cockscomb

The flowers from this plant dry beautifully and come in an assortment of colors. The only thing you have to remember with these is to be sure and shake out as many seeds as you can from the flowers before placing them in an arrangement. If you leave the seeds in the flowers, then you end up with seeds all over the place every time you move the bouquet, or whatever you used the cockscomb in.

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3 Lavender

I love how lavender holds its sent for a long period of time. The light purple flowers covering each woody stem are perfect for sticking into a tightly packed bouquet, in the edges of a wreath, or tying a bunch of them together for a simple arrangement of strictly lavender.

2 Statice

It’s hard to tell when these flowers have dried out because they look exactly the same as they did when they were fresh! The color of each flower is still as vibrant as it was when they were out in the garden.

1 Straw Flowers

These are another type of flower that looks the same whether they are fresh or dried. The color combinations of these flowers make it possible to use them in a number of arrangements, no matter what colors the other flowers are. They are also great flowers to glue onto art projects. They are very hardy little flowers.

This is a short list, but I think these 5 flowers work extremely well for the best dried flower bouquets around. What types of flowers do you think dry the best of all?

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