5 Gorgeous Annual Plants


5 Gorgeous Annual Plants
5 Gorgeous Annual Plants

Although I prefer perennial plants over annuals most of the time, I have come across some truly beautiful annuals that I couldn’t resist purchasing. I’ve made a note of the annuals I liked best in a couple of my seed catalogs and posted them below. Here are 5 gorgeous annual plants you might enjoy seeing in your garden this year.

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Zinnia Queen Red Lime

I adore zinnias and they are so easy to grow. I have yet to have these beautiful flowers disappoint me and this particular one is no exception. The outer petals in this zinnia are red with the hue lightening from salmon, to tangerine, to gold as it progresses to the center of the flower.


Burgundy Star Easy Wave Petunia

Petunias are an excellent addition to a sunny patch of ground. They spread like crazy during the growing season and burst with tons of blooms from spring to fall. This particular type of petunia has magenta petals with a wide band of white passing through the middle of each petal. It almost looks like a white daisy has been transposed onto a magenta background.


Monardo Bergamo

If you enjoy growing Bee Balm in your garden but don’t like the way it tends to mildew, then you might try planting this annual. This plant isn’t susceptible to mildew and it attracts the butterflies like crazy! The blossoms are filled with petals in hues of deep purple and lilac.


Amarantha Perfecta Tricolor

This plant is also called Summer Poinsettia. It is perfect for using as a backdrop behind lower growing plants that don’t produce much color. These plants have yellow and scarlet leaves that grow atop 4 to 5 feet tall stems.


Plumed Celosia

The colors produced by this type of plant vary between each type. There are some with pink or red flowers, while others range from gold to a deep orange. The colorful plumes on celosia plants grow to be around 10 inches in height, which adds an impressive amount of color to any garden.

I hope this list gives you a selection of annuals to choose from that you were previously unaware of. What types of annuals do you prefer; sun or shade-loving?

Top Photo Credit: Vietnam Plants / Cây cỏ Vietnam

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