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5 Tips on Growing Angel's Trumpet ...

By Aprille

Angel’s Trumpet is a tropical plant that can be grown outdoors year around in zones 9 thru 11. If you live in a colder climate, then you might want to consider planting your Angel’s Trumpet in a container that can be moved indoors during the winter. Here are 5 tips on growing Angel’s Trumpet, no matter what climate zone you are located in. Each of these tips pertains to both outdoor plants and ones housed indoors.

5 Acidic Soil is Best

These large plants cannot tolerate soil with an excess of salt in it, but it can tolerate alkaline soil. The type of potting mix the Angle’s Trumpet prefers is soil that is rather acidic. To increase the acidity of the soil, you can add sulfur and/or ferrous sulfate. The type of substance and the quantity added to existing soil will depend on the current pH level of the soil you are growing the Angel’s Trumpet in.

4 Fertilize with a Quick-acting Solution

A water-soluble mix is the best for these gorgeous flowering plants. The granule type fertilizers don’t work fast enough to be beneficial for the Angel’s Trumpet. Add fertilizer at least once a weed during the warmer months. If you have a rather large plant, the addition of fertilizer can be performed 2 times during the same week.


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3 Have Well-draining Soil

Angel’s Trumpet plants like a lot of water, but not so much that they are always standing in it. If the plant isn’t wilting and the soil is moist, then this is a good sign the plant is getting enough water.

2 Choose a Central Leader if You Want an Angel’s Trumpet Tree to Form

After the central leader is chosen and attached to a stake, the smaller shoots will have to be trimmed. Prune any stems that emerge from the soil so that a tree shape is always present. Even when it isn’t in the form of a tree, this plant doesn’t like full shade.

1 Watch for Whiteflies

These can be the most bothersome pests for Angel’s Trumpets. Aphids, cabbage worms, and spider mites are a few additional pests that might plague your plant if you don’t keep an eye on it. Spray with an appropriate insecticide to eliminate any of these pests as soon as possible.

Pruned into a tree or left to do its own thing in a container, the Angel’s Trumpet is a fine plant for any garden or patio setting. Did you find these tips to be helpful at all?

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