5 Tips on Growing Bamboo


5 Tips on Growing Bamboo
5 Tips on Growing Bamboo

You can grow bamboo plants in a small container indoors or plant them along a fence or around the garden in your yard. The 5 tips on growing bamboo that are listed below are mainly for growing bamboo outdoors. The smaller bamboo plants that are trained to grow into neat shapes aren’t always able to be planted outside. Check with the plant supplier you are purchasing your bamboo from to make sure the plant you are buying can be placed outdoors.

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Place Bamboo Plants Close Together

Most plants have to be placed far enough apart to allow the roots to spread out. Bamboo plants actually grow better when they are all bunched together, so give them what they want! Crowd the bamboo shoots close to one another to cause them to grow faster.


Select a Spot That Has Lots of Sunshine

A few varieties of bamboo will tolerate a bit of shade, but these fast growing plants actually prefer more sun than shade. They will grow well in an area where the sun is shining nearly all day long.


Keep Plants Moist

The indoor bamboo plants are usually grown in rocks, marbles, or some other form of medium that isn’t as dense as soil. These plants basically are held upright by the medium and spend their lives in water. Bamboo plants do love lots of water, so keep your outdoor plants moist as well.


Fertilize with Lawn Fertilizer to Increase Growth

Newly planted bamboo can be fertilized often so that it gets plenty of nitrogen. A large amount of nitrogen will enable your bamboo plants to thrive. Lawn fertilizer is used because bamboo greatly resembles grass, so it responds well to this type of fertilizer.


Remove Canes as They Die

Bamboo canes do eventually die, so be sure to cut back any that do. This will allow new canes to appear and it will also help your bed of bamboo look nice.

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