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7 Tricks on Gardening ...

By Aprille

I’m always looking for new tricks to use in the garden, around the yard, and with my gardening equipment. These 7 tricks on gardening are ones I came across that I thought you’d like. Some of them I already knew of and use often, but a few are brand new to me as well. I hope you can use some of them and feel free to share them with other avid gardeners.

7 Keep Twine in the Garden and Ready for Marking Rows by Using a Clay Pot

There’s no need to run to the shed each time you need a piece of garden twine. Place the ball of twine under a clay pot and put the end through the hole in the bottom of the pot. This will allow you to pull out the amount of twine you need, without having to chase the ball around the garden.

6 Use Stones for Natural Plant Markers in the Garden

If you have access to flat stones, you can write the names of individual plants on these with a permanent marker. These add a more creative touch to the garden than a stick with the seed packed taped to it.


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5 Turn a Garden Tool into an Accurate Measuring Device

It’s hard to judge distance accurately between plants. Lay a yard stick next to a shovel, rake, or hoe and use a permanent marker to jot down individual measurements along the handle of your gardening tool. This will enable you to turn the handle into a yard stick in just a couple of minutes.

4 Get Rid of Mineral Deposits with Vinegar, Alcohol, and Water

Combine these three ingredients in equal parts in a spray bottle and squirt the mixture on clay pots that have mineral deposits on them. Scrub with a tooth brush or a plastic brush used for cleaning out drinking cups to loosen the deposits.

3 Block Weeds with Sheets of Newspaper

Newspaper will eventually breakdown once it’s gotten rained on quite a few times, but it will provide an excellent barrier against weeds for a long time. Lay down at least 3 sheets of news paper around plants and/or between rows of plants. This will give you a smooth surface to walk on as well.

2 Use Tea Bags to Keep Dirt from Running out of Planter Holes

The holes in the bottom of most planters are rather large and I can’t always locate the correct size of rocks for the bottom of the container. The rocks seem to be small enough to wash right out the holes in the planter or so large that they allow too much dirt to trickle through them. Tea bags are the perfect size and they won’t hold in water and cause my plants to mold or rot.

1 Dry Herbs in the Car

Anyone who has climbed into a car during the heat of the day knows just how hot the inside of a car can get. This is the perfect environment to dry herbs in. Lay down some newspaper on the seats and floor of the car, spread out the herbs, and leave them there until they are dry. It doesn’t take long at all!

Had you heard of all of these gardening tricks? Please share some of your own fun tricks for gardening if you have some. I love hearing how people utilize things around the house to make gardening simpler!

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