5 Reasons to Buy Seeds from Heirloom Plants ...

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5 Reasons to Buy Seeds from Heirloom Plants ...

I’m all for keeping traditions going and I like being able to show my kids seeds of plants that were raised by my great-great grandparents. These same seeds have provided my family with beautiful plants for many years. The best way to keep traditional plants thriving is to purchase heirloom seeds. Here are 5 reasons to buy seeds from heirloom plant.

5 To Have Genetic Diversity

Some types of plants are experiencing a loss of genetic diversity, which means they are more susceptible to blight or other issues plants face. Having a variety of plants to choose from can help gardeners find one best suited for their particular growing location.

4 Heirloom Seeds Aren’t Sterile

Many first generation hybrid seeds are hand-pollinated and sterile, which isn’t so with heirloom seeds. Some seed companies produce hybrid seeds so that gardeners continually have to purchase seeds each year, thus ensuring sales for the seed company.

3 Genetic Engineering Hasn’t Taken Place in Heirloom Seeds

The DNA of most genetically engineered seeds has been severely altered over the years. Heirloom seeds that are sold today are nearly the same as the parent plant they were taken from decades ago. Any alterations that have been made have been due to natural causes in pollination, if any have taken place at all.

2 More Varieties of Heirloom Seeds Exist

First generation hybrid seeds have very few varieties to choose from, while an heirloom seed for the same type of plant can have thousands to tens of thousands of varieties to choose between. I like have lots of choices when I’m searching for seeds of any kind.

1 You Can Help Keep Heirloom Plants Going for Many More Years

The more heirloom seeds are purchased means the more likely the plants will continue to produce quality seeds for years to come. Gardeners have the opportunity to grow some of the same plants their ancestors once grew to support their entire family.

I hope these 5 reasons spark an interest in you to go out and purchase at least a couple types of heirloom plants or seeds from some. If you already have some heirloom plants, what made you purchase them?

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