5 Tips on Caring for Cherry Trees ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Caring for Cherry Trees ...

I’ve always thought the pale pink blossoms on a cherry tree were beautiful. One of my favorite pictures in the calendar by my desk shows cherry trees lining a narrow country lane. Whether you are interested in filling your yard with trees or simply purchasing one for the garden, here are 5 tips on caring for cherry trees that might be useful.

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Even though cherry trees like a lot of water, they still prefer to have well-drained soil. Being too wet will cause most cherry trees to die. Good soil for your cherry tree to grow in will also help it to better withstand stress.


Location for Planting

It’s better to choose an area for planting that is more elevated than the surrounding yard. Planting a cherry tree in a low-lying section of the yard might subject the blooms to more frost, thus killing the blossoms.



Keeping a cherry tree well pruned will minimize the amount of disease, due to the increase in air circulation between the branches. Pruning also allows more light in. It’s best to prune your trees during the winter when dormancy occurs. Take off any diseased or damaged wood present, as well as any small shoots you don’t want to grow along the branches.



Moist soil is preferred by cherry trees. There are a couple of varieties that can tolerate dryer soil, but be sure you have this variety before slacking on your watering routine. Watering at a slow rate for longer is much better than dumping large amounts of water at once. Allowing the water to slowly trickle down to the roots for a couple of hours is best.



Blooms rely on proper nutrients, which mean fertilizing your cherry tree is very important. Don’t use a run-of-the mill fertilizer that was created for houseplants. There are special fertilizers made for cherry trees that should be used.

I would love to have an entire orchard of cherry trees. Talk about a gorgeous sight! Do you know of any additional tips on caring for cherry trees that might be beneficial to a first-time gardener? What type of cherry tree do you have in your yard?

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