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5 Tips on Preventing Rose Problems ...

By Aprille

Roses can be very touchy plants to try to grow. However, it is possible to have healthy rose plants with the 5 tips on preventing rose problems that are listed below. If you are getting started with growing roses, I’m sure you will find these tips very useful!

5 Leaf Damage

Spraying leaves each week with an anti-fungal spray can also prevent the beginning of what is known as Rust. Reddish orange blisters can form on leaves and cause them to become severely damaged. Spider mites are another cause for damaged leaves. Using water to dislodge any mites will protect the plant and also provide it with a bit of necessary water.

4 Webbing Appearing on Leaves

Aphids make their presence known by covering rose leaves in white webbing. Spraying foliage with a stream of water will keep aphids from making their home on your rose plants. You can also plant cilantro to attract lady bugs. These colorful little bugs are known for feasting on aphids, so as long as they are present you shouldn’t have any problem with aphids.


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3 Stunted Plants

A certain type of fungus causes rose plants to become stunted in growth and sometimes even distorted in appearance. Powdery mildew is the type of fungus that is the culprit. Leaves will also turn purplish and there is usually a powdery substance on all parts of the rose plant. Using an antifungal spray will keep this fungus at bay.

2 Blooms That Won’t Open

Thrips are known for causing blooms to stay unopened or for causing them to become somewhat distorted. It’s hard to prevent thrips from appearing, but there are a number of insecticides that will get rid of thrips without harming your roses.

1 Foliage with Black Spots

This problem can be remedied by removing any leaves that show signs of the Black Spot disease. Pick up any fallen leaves that also show signs of spotting. This is a very common problem, so keep an eye on rose plants in order to be able to stop this disease as soon as it is noticed.

So far, I only have one rose bush in the back yard. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have too many problems during the time I’ve had my rose bush. If you grow roses already, have you had any different problems with them?

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