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5 Plants with Purple Flowers ...

By Aprille

I think purple is an excellent color for flowers. Many of my favorite plants produce purple flowers, which I’ve listed below. Here are 5 plants with purple flowers that have made their way to my flower garden.

5 Lupine

These are also known as lupins and they tend to grow between 1 to 5 feet in height. They produce a spike covered with tiny purple flowers. This spike is erected from a set of dense leaves with a palmate shape to them. Tons of seeds can be gathered from a single spike after the flowers have finished blooming.

4 Passion Flower

This flower combines tow characteristics I like to see in my garden; the color purple and vines. The Passion flower is available in other colors as well, but the deep purple variety is the most brilliant, in my opinion. The center portion of the darker purple flowers is yellow, which adds excellent contrast.

3 Lavender

I always thought the pictures of fields of lavender were beautiful. The fragrance can be a bit overbearing, but the bees love this plant and I like providing them with flowers they can use. There are close to 40 species of lavender. I have had a lot of success with the hardier woody variety; Lavandula angustifolia.

2 Lilac

Two hues of purple flowers are produced by different types of lilac plants; light purple and more of a deep purplish-red. You need a lot of area for these woody plants, since they can grow to be 33 feet tall and often spread out quite some distance. The butterflies flock to these plants like crazy!

1 Wisteria

This is a vine that can be made into a sort of short tree as well. I find it much easier to put up a trellis or let the wisteria plant crawl across the fence, instead of trying to make it stand up on its own in more of a tree form. The cluster of purple flowers hang off the vine like bunches of grapes and the fragrance is intense. They do take a long time to grow, but are well worth the wait.

I don’t prefer to wear the color purple, but I do love seeing the see of purple in my yard. I try to stick to planting perennials, so I don’t have to mess with replanting every year. Plus, perennials spread on their own and enable me to have plants to share with friends and family. What are plants with purple flowers that you like? How many of these are you able to grow in your area?

Top Photo Credit: DM Weber

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