5 Plants That Will Grow in Clay Soil

By Aprille

5 Plants That Will Grow in Clay Soil

I have a yard filled with randomly placed patches of clay. Knowing what types of flowers will do well in the areas where most of the clay is found in the soil makes my time gardening more productive. Planting a flower in soil that has high clay content and finding out much later that the flower would have done much better in a patch of well-draining soil seems like a waste of a perfectly good plant. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then you might be interested in these 5 plants that will grow in clay soil I’ve listed here.

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These exotic looking plants do very well in my yard. Even in areas where the soil is thick and sticky, due to the large amount of clay in it, these plants thrive. They only bloom towards the end of summer, but the large stalk filled with white blossoms seems to last for weeks on end.


Black-eyed Susan

Growing to be around 2 feet tall, these brightly colored flowers come in both annual and perennial varieties. The type that does well in soil with high clay content is the perennial type. These flowers love a lot of sunshine too.


Purple Coneflower

I’ve had quite a lot of success with this plant. One entire section of my yard has virtually been taken over by these lovely purple flowers. It is a drought tolerant flower that also looks fantastic in dried flower arrangements.


Butterfly Weed

The bright orange blossoms of this plant can be seen all along the roadside where I live. It grows well in the middle of all the other scrub that seems to be popping up throughout the veins of clay. It truly lives up to its name as well; the butterflies love it!



Just about any color of flower you can wish for is available with this type of plant. They do well in clay soil that receives a lot of sunshine as well.

Any of these plants should do very well in your garden where clay is abundant in the soil. Have you recently tried to grow any other types of plants in your high clay content soil?

Top Photo Credit: Ransome

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