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5 Tips on Growing Asparagus Fern ...

By Aprille

I always have at least a couple of these lovely plants hanging outside during the summer. I bring them in during the winter, where they hang in front of the windows in the kitchen and remind me of spring time. If you’ve recently purchased or are thinking of buying an asparagus fern, then the information below should help you keep your plant happy and healthy. Here are 5 tips on growing asparagus fern plants.

5 Be Careful of Invasiveness if Planting These Ferns outside

Asparagus ferns can tolerate being grown outdoors year around in warmer climates. However, this fern has been known to become very invasive. Once it gets started, it’s often hard to get rid of the plants you don’t want.

4 Fertilize Once a Week during the Summer

A standard water-soluble plant fertilizer works perfect for asparagus ferns. Once winter rolls around, only apply fertilizer once a month. Like most plants, the growth rate of this fern is much slower during the colder months so it won’t need a lot of fertilizer in the winter.

3 Replant in a Larger Pot when Plants Become Too Root Bound

When you notice that your asparagus fern has become root bound, it can be easily divided into smaller portions and placed in separate containers. Depending on how warm the weather is where you reside, you might not have to divide your fern for 3 or 4 years.

2 Keep Them out of Areas with Full Sunlight

These lush green plants do best in partial sunlight. They really like the morning sun and then being in the shade of a big tree during the hottest part of the day. I have an asparagus fern that is living in a wheelbarrow at the moment, due to its massive girth gained last summer.

1 Water Them Very Often

Tiny bulbs are located in the root system of the asparagus fern, which means they can tolerate random bouts of dryness. You’ll want to make sure to water asparagus ferns daily during very warm weather. Make sure the container the fern is in has a good drainage system. Asparagus ferns don’t like being left standing in water.

I hope these tips are useful ones to you and your asparagus fern grows to be big and beautiful! If you’ve already owned an asparagus fern for a while, have you been successful with it so far?

Top Photo Credit: cobalt123

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