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5 Tips on Saving Money on Your Garden ...

By Aprille

Gardening can become a very expensive hobby if you’re not careful. I’ve found a few ways to save money on my gardening needs over the years. The following 5 tips on saving money on your garden should prove useful if you’ve recently found yourself in a similar situation. I can always use some additional tips, as well as I’m sure other gardeners can too, so feel free to add your own to this list!

5 Try to Find Free Piles of Landscaping Materials

Construction sites are a great place to find cracked concrete blocks and bricks that are being tossed out. If you ask the person in charge of the site, you can usually get the okay to collect as much of this material as you want. They are most likely going to toss it all in the trash after they are finished with their building project.

4 Buy Plants on Sale

Wait until the end if the year to find plants deeply discounted at the local nursery. Sometimes there’s even a section with some sickly looking plants that most people don’t want because they aren’t perfect looking. These usually just need some TLC and they perk right up in no time.

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3 Join a Plant Trading Club

A large quantity of these exists on the web, but you don’t need to have the Internet to join one. Plenty of plant trading goes on in gardening magazines as well. People post their physical address, phone number, or an email address where they can be reached to discuss the swapping of plants. You can find some very cool ones that are normally extremely pricey, but most plant trades only involve paying the shipping for any plants that are traded.

2 Beg for Plants

This is just a figure of speech. You probably shouldn’t literally go to your neighbor’s house and beg to have a piece of her prize-winning rose bush. However, if you have some plants that you’d like to share then you might be able to get other gardeners to do the same. Offer plants that you have an abundance of to someone who has a yard filled with flowers that you find intriguing who might be willing to give you a clump of flowers in return.

1 Stick Mostly to Perennial Plants

Perennials come back every year, which means you won’t have to spend money the following spring on planting the same flowers over again. These plants are very good at spreading on their own as well so you don’t have to fuss with buying more. Once a patch of perennial plants spreads for a few years, they can be sectioned up into smaller clumps and transplanted around the yard.

I hope these 5 tips will help you save a little bit of cash on your gardening needs. What ways have you found to save money when it comes to gardening?

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