7 Tips on Growing Squash ...

By Aprille

7 Tips on Growing Squash ...

Whether you are thinking about growing summer or winter squash, the following 7 tips on growing squash should prove useful. They are actually very easy to grow and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

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7 Provide Well-drained Soil

If you have a lot of clay in your soil or it has a tendency to become to compact after a rainstorm, then mixing in a bit of compost or sand will allow it to drain better. Squash plants don’t do well in soil that constricts around the roots or that keep the water standing around the plants.

6 Add Compost and Manure to the Soil

Squash plants need a lot of nutrients, which are usually present in the soil. Adding manure that has been sufficiently aged or a lot of organic compost to the soil will supply your plants with needed nutrients. You can also fertilize the plants with a formula created specifically for veggies.

5 Place 4 to 5 Seeds in Each Mound of Dirt

Any more seeds than this will cause the squash plants to become stunted and it might possibly kill them too, due to overcrowding. If you want to plant more than 4 or 5 seeds, then you will have thin out the weaker plants to allow the stronger ones to have more room.

4 Allow 5 Feet of Space between Each Row of Squash

Squash grows on very lengthy vines, which means plants need to be far enough apart to keep vines from overlapping one another. You might need to move squash vines as they continue to grow in order to keep them in their own row.

3 Watch for Fungal Diseases and Pests

The two most common diseases that attack squash plants are bacterial wilt and powdery mildew. Cucumber beetles eat squash leaves and squash vine borers cause leaves to wilt, turn brown, and eventually die.

2 Sow Seeds Directly into the Ground, Don’t Start then Indoors

It might cross your mind to start squash seeds indoors, but it’s best to sow them directly into the soil. If the growing season in your area is a short one, then you might want to choose seeds that mature faster than others.

1 Take Care to Keep from Knocking Flowers off the Vines

If the flowers get knocked off of vines, your squash won’t form. The blooms need to be pollinated and allowed to mature so that the squash fruit can grow next. It’s best to water the ground beneath the vines so that the blooms don’t get knocked off by the stream of water.

I hope this list provides you with plenty of growing tips for any type of squash you decide to grow this summer or fall. What types have been successful for you in the past?

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