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5 Dangerous Things to Avoid in a Garden ...

By Aprille

The garden may seem like an inviting place that is virtually harmless, but it there are a few hazards involved. 5 dangerous things to avoid in a garden are listed below. Hopefully you haven’t been harmed by any of them already.

5 Sunshine

Sure, the sun helps your garden become filled with beautiful and healthy plants, but it is a danger to you. Wearing sunblock, light colored clothing, and a wide brimmed hat will protect you against getting too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

4 Tools

Have you ever seen the cartoons where someone accidentally steps on an upturned rake? Well, the result is the same in real life. I’ve had one encounter with a rake that I care to forget and have since closely monitored where my gardening tools end up. Tripping over tools and ending up face first in the electric fence is another reason to make sure you know where your gardening equipment is at all times.


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3 Pesticides

Using organic pesticides will often lessen the possibility of poisoning. Most pesticides are a combination of chemicals used to quickly and effectively eliminate a variety of pests. These can be lethal in large doses and make you sick with even small exposure to them. Wear appropriate clothing when applying any type of pesticide.

2 Wildlife

Most wildlife is perfectly content to scatter at the sound of a human approaching. There have been documented attacks by male deer during rut season. Also, if an animal feels trapped it may attack out of fear. Be sure to approach a garden area slowly, just in case a wild animal might be lurking among the foliage.

1 Bees

Allergies to bee stings aren’t always known. Finding out you are deathly allergic to them can be a frightening experience, especially if you are home alone. If you are an avid gardener and not sure if you have an allergy to bees, then it would be beneficial to be tested for this allergy.

The benefits do greatly outweigh the dangers included with gardening. Thankfully no one has to worry about vegetables joining together to revolt against the human who enters the garden. Have you experienced any of the dangers mentioned above? Are there any others you’ve come across?

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