7 Flowers That Remind Me That Life is Good


7 Flowers That Remind Me That Life is Good
7 Flowers That Remind Me That Life is Good

Flowers can do wonders to brighten your day and your mood. There are so many available but some are particularly pretty and cheerful, instantly making you feel happier. Sometimes the flower signifies something that brings a smile to your face or a happy memory to mind. Here are 7 flowers to remind you that life is good.

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A bunch of sweet daisies sitting in a glass vase can really brighten up any room. They are refreshingly simple, available in so many different colors and have an uncomplicated design. Sometimes the pure simplicity of a daisy can help remove all the complexities currently burdening your heart and brain and fortify you to face the day with a clear and uncluttered mindset.



Sunflower with their bright yellow petals and strong stems are a total pick-me-up flower. Perhaps it is the fact that they are irresistibly drawn to the sun that makes them mood boosters. Maybe it’s their infectiously happy petals, bright and yellow, almost smiling at you. Whatever it is, nothing boosts the mood like a vase of sunflowers.



The poinsettia signifies only one thing – the holidays. It tells us Christmas is drawing near and with its bright red and green leaves, puts you instantly in a holiday mood. Catching a glimpse of a poinsettia plant growing in your backyard can instantly make you stop what you’re doing and just reflect on its beauty and grandeur.



Lilies are the perennial mood lifting flowers. Available in different colors to signify different occasions, a lily sitting in a glass vase filled with fresh water will last a number of days adding to the room’s happiness for over 2 weeks. They don’t need any accompanying greens; lilies by themselves are beautiful all on their own.



Orchids are beautifully complex and yet small and delicate reminding you of how some of the most exquisite of God’s creations are frail and vulnerable. They are non-traditional in the ways they sit on their stem and presented in flower bouquets making them refreshingly unique when they find a place in your home.



Tulips are elegant and proud. They stand up straight and tall and tower over everything around them. They come in so many intoxicating colors and sometimes a multicolored bouquet of tulips can be just what you need to lift your mood. Placing a vase full of tulips or even just one tulip on a kitchen table can make your room look brighter, happier and consequently remind you that life is great.



If you ask me, violets are the prettiest and sweetest flowers to add to any room. Available in white and blue, it is my opinion that the purple color is the very best. They are beautifully complemented by their dark green leaves and stalks. They look best when growing in your garden either as ground cover or as a creeper on a wall or fence.

Flowers – the word itself suggests happiness, tranquility, pleasure and very often love. Having flowers in your garden and home will almost always remind of you to appreciate life to the fullest and always remain positive. Keep them around to boost your mood whenever life gets you down.

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