7 Delightfully Easy Fruits to Grow in Containers ...


Finding the right fruits to grow in containers is something that I’ve recently started to research, because I am trying to turn my black thumb into a brilliantly green thumb!

Fresh fruit is so hard to come by and there is absolutely nothing like picking your own fruit off of a plant that you’ve grown.

If you’re looking for fruits to grow in containers that can be put anywhere, take a look below!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

1. Tomatoes


Oh, who doesn’t love cutting into a fresh, ripe tomato?

I do!

Since I moved from an apartment into a townhouse, I finally have a place to put fruits to grow in containers and I started with tomatoes.

All you do is grab a tomato plant, plant it in a beautiful pot, put some chicken wire over it (because tomatoes are known to grow!) and wait.

Soon, you’ll have a ton of tomatoes;

you’ll have to share them!

One note, this plant loves sunshine, to put it in a sunny place for best results.

2. Lemons


With lemons, you need to make sure that you’re choosing a lemon tree that’s good indoors.3

The best?

Meyer lemon trees.

They produce small to medium lemons and have a huge, strong flavor to them.

You want to get a big pot too, because lemons have trees, not necessarily just a small plant.

One note, misting this particular tree is best, they love the water!

3. Dwarf Apricots

Dwarf Apricots

If you are a huge fan of apricots, but are sick of buying them from the store, why not grow some dwarf ones?

This is, again, another tree, so you’ll need some room to grow it, but it’s definitely a great addition to your fruit collection!

This tree does need plenty of sun and make sure that you keep it pruned too.

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